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In the world of online marketing, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the art of effectively optimising a website. At Quikclicks, our experts have the expertise and experience to optimise dental practise websites utilising the most effective local SEO practices so that your website is easily found online. Our service is trusted by many dentists in Sydney because we only use white-hat techniques that are approved and recommended by Google. This ensures that your website offers long-term value at a time when frequent changes in Google algorithms have become commonplace.

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High-Quality Content for Dental SEO:

The importance of persuasive and well-crafted content is paramount, and is often considered to be the cornerstone of effective SEO.  The quality of the content in your dental website will determine whether the visitors will get engaged and spend enough time on the website. All search engines including Google analyse what the visitors generally do on a specific website. This includes

  • Time spent on the website
  • Number of pages visited on the website
  • How quickly the visitors leave a website
  • Whether they click on the links and watch the videos
  • Identifying the new as well as returning visitors

All these factors are greatly influenced by the quality of content in your dental website. Google utilises these factors to determine whether a website will at all feature in the search engine and where it will be shown. Dental practice websites built by Quikclicks contains tons of content that are easy to browse and encourage the visitors to visit other pages by clicking through. Google will find out that your clinic has a high-authority website that visitors find useful and enjoy spending time on. As a result, the search engine result for the website gets pushed higher.

Effective Utilisation of Online Channels:

If you are a dentist in Sydney looking to reach out to new patients, it is important for you to make a note of the fact that search result is not the only online source for you. Our broad vision extends well beyond your dental website to ensure that we help you optimise your overall online presence.

Our team of experts understand that each dental practice has its unique attributes, and continuously analyses different channels that generate maximum new patients for your practice.

  • Online directories: These listings can have a serious impact on the citation profile of a dentist and forward quality traffic to the website
  • Review websites: We can help you identify the review platforms from which you are actually receiving new patients.
  • Social Media: A robust presence in the top social media platforms can do wonders by stimulating patient referrals, improving retention, and building brand loyalty.

You just can’t settle for a mediocre service when it comes to dental SEO for your practice. Trust the team at Quikclicks because we understand what is best for your website.


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