Facebook Advertising

Facebook advertising has now emerged as one of the most cost effective techniques to present your dental practice before your potential patients for the future. The most remarkable feature of Facebook is the power to target specific user groups on the basis of demography. World’s most loved social media platform without any doubt, Facebook takes location and user interest into consideration so that the advertisements are displayed directly in the newsfeed of users that may be in the need of a dentist. Facebook ads create an opportunity for you to connect with new patients on a trusted platform where they spend a significant amount of time on a daily basis.

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How does it work?

With a Facebook ad campaign for dentists, you will be able to target specific individuals in and around Sydney who may need to consult a dentist. The users will be directed to your website by clicking on your Facebook ad.  If you are a Paediatric dentist, you can set your target audience to young parents. Depending on your budget, you may run your campaign for just one day or as long as you want.

Facebook offers plenty of options for targeting your audience including the following

  • Interests: You may select specific interests critical to the audience you are targeting. It is possible to determine these interests by what the audience connects to on the platform.
  • Basic demography: Target your audience based on their location, gender, age, and language
  • Behavioral patterns: Audience selection on the basis of their income, purchase behaviors, device usage, and others
  • Connections: Audience can also be selected based on their connection status with reference to a given page. Your Facebook ads can be seen by all your friends and anyone with a friend connected to the page
  • Custom audience creation: You may also save your custom audience using phone numbers, email address, or Facebook Ids.

In addition to a standard ad campaign, you may also opt to boost a status update to ensure that it’s viewed by the intended audience. This is a great idea particularly while promoting any special offer or sharing a key news or update. Interestingly, the minimum cost to run a Facebook ad campaign for a day is just $1. However, for a wider following, a budget of $5 – $50 may be required for a boosted post.

What we offer:

At Quikclicks, our marketing specialists have the track record of helping numerous dentists in Sydney get loads of patients from the internet. Partnering with us for Facebook advertising is the right decision for you because

  • Our Facebook advertising strategy optimises your patient reach by complementing the organic SEO plan of the website
  • We offer custom-landing pages to engage visitors from the Facebook ad campaign
  • We also provide unique content for your dental practice that helps turn your visitors into future clients

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation proposal for your Facebook ad campaign.